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Christian Political Principles in the Age of Trump

On February 21, 2018, Values & Capitalism initiative partnered with the Thomistic Institute to cohost an evening conversation on Christian political principles in our current age. R.R. Reno, editor of First Things, delivered preliminary remarks before engaging in a moderated discussion with Elizabeth Corey (Baylor University), Joshua Mitchell (Georgetown[...]

Re-imagining Faith and Public Life: A Conversation with Rod Dreher and Michael Wear

In a time characterized by political divide and animosity between the left and right, Michael Wear and Rod Dreher—in this Values & Capitalism sponsored conversation at John Brown University— exemplify how a cross-aisle friendship enables cordial debate. Together, they discuss the changing political climate, the engagement of Christians in an increasingly[...]

Is There Anything Wrong with Competition?

We know that competition in business can be bad; the desire for gain can easily turn a man in on himself. Can competition also be stewarded well? Good competition, one motivated by a desire to produce and serve rather than to acquire, promotes human ingenuity and creativity. This conversation is an extended cut of a roundtable conversation featured in the Va[...]

Business As a Work of Justice

If business is anything, it ought to start by being personal. Christian business leaders can offer a living witness of Christ’s love by utilizing their social and material capital in love and justice. This conversation is an extended cut of a roundtable conversation featured in the Values & Capitalism documentary To Whom Is Given: Business for the Common[...]


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