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Uber's Truer Virtues

Uber and other technologies like it are often applauded for the benefits they provide to consumers. But, in addition to providing a better customer experience, these services typically benefit the drivers themselves in real and immediate ways.

Innovation from a Peanut?

George Washington Carver gained worldwide notoriety and even turned down offers to receive six figure salaries to work with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. While Carver was more of an inventor than a businessman, we can still learn a lot from his approach to innovation.

Can We Improve Food Quality and Availability at the Same Time?

A cursory glance of Camden, NJ reveals a broken wasteland. Broken down townhouses, abandoned factories, “fields” of abandoned land that has been destroyed by pollution… It seems like a shell of a city. It takes a careful observer—or a permanent resident—to see the hope that the city contains. One of the most violent, impoverished cities in the United S[...]