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Why Do Universities Exist?

Academic freedom—accompanied by respect and charity—is at the very center of why universities exist. Let's hope more American universities make the stands that Princeton and the University of Chicago have bravely made.

The Important Truth I Heard Over an Airport PA System

“Security is everyone’s responsibility…” As it rarely is, my attention was caught by the voice on the airport PA system. Over the years, I’ve become used to the obnoxious drone, “Is that your bag?” but this was new. I replayed the message in my mind: “Security is everyone’s responsibility.” This was more than a generic public service announcement. Perhaps[...]

Tolkien, Hobbits, and a Free Society

“The Lord of the Rings” has captivated audiences for over fifty years.  It is not just a story about good overcoming evil, but one about the fragility of freedom. No victory on earth is permanent. Battles are fought and won, but there will be no ultimate victory over evil until the return of Christ. Freedom needs to be both guarded and cultivated. In “The Ho[...]