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Lost in Translation: Pope Francis' Message on the Economy

Pope Francis’ address to Congress this Thursday will be the first ever by a pope, and many Americans are anxious over what he might say about the global economy. Some expect he will give a rousing indictment of free-market capitalism as the culprit in global poverty, environmental degradation, and human suffering.

Authoritarian Capitalism: Here to Stay?

As Friedman writes, “there is an intimate connection between economics and politics…. [O]nly certain combinations of political and economic arrangements are possible….” My hypothesis is that freedom begets freedom, and bondage begets bondage. As socialism leads to authoritarianism, capitalism leads to democracy.

Let Them Eat Capitalism

To argue for capitalism isn’t to excuse its costs, but to show what it affords. “Advances in social justice were enabled by rising prosperity,” maintains Crook, “and rising prosperity was the product of capitalist development.”