Conservatism and the Art of Catechesis

The word catechism has fallen out of usage in American vernacular, but it remains an important concept. It refers to “a series of questions, answers, or precepts used for instruction in pedagogical situations.” To understand our current situation as a nation, we should return to an understanding of this term.

Campus Turmoil and the Free Market of Ideas

We are in a time of heightened political correctness which is beginning to disturb many in the academy and the wider public. Political correctness is not a new phenomenon, but it largely subsided for the first decade of the 2000s before returning with a vengeance in the last few years.

'The Office' and the Value of Work

When a job is not particularly exciting, it is so easy to miss the merit in the mundane. But there is merit. That seemingly mundane work Jim did for all of those years created a network and the opportunity for him to pursue work he was passionate about.