Faith, Work, and Forgetfulness

While not literal manna from heaven this is how has God chosen to meet our material needs. Individuals stewarding their talents and abilities allows for exchange which is the foundation of any properly functioning economy.

"God and Money": A Review of a Groundbreaking Book in Christian Stewardship

There have been countless books written about Christian stewardship of financial resources. Though most offer valuable insights, they often struggle at finding the right words to make lasting change in their readers' financial lives. Enter a new book, so transparent and direct that you'll feel like you're invading the authors' privacy. In God and Money: How [...]

The High Cost of Aggressive Secularism

Alongside the proliferation of religious extremism that seeks to violently stamp out religious minorities, we are witnessing the rise of what historian Wilfred McClay calls “positive secularism,” in which religion becomes confined to the private sphere.