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The Common Estimation of the Market: Domingo Bañez on the Just Price

Since the University of Chicago removed courses in the history of economic thought from the list of courses required for their doctoral program in economics, the study has fallen into the shadows. Graduate and undergraduate students alike learn the standard textbook theories with no more of the historical background than what is provided by pop-out boxes in [...]

Dodd-Frank: Repercussions on Community Banks and Local Lending

The circulation of liquidity in an efficient financial system is undoubtedly one of the primary pillars of economic progress. For the ever-changing dynamic of the current United States economy, a well-functioning financial system is fundamentally required for growth. However, the influence of the financial system is double-edged, and the recent financial cri[...]

Business as Usual: Challenges to Entrepreneurship in Mexico

In 2011, Mexico ranked as the hardest working industrialized country in the world; its workers averaged 45 hours per week, an additional 519 hours annually more than the typical American worker. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) conducted in 2014, 19 percent of the Mexican population is actively involved in entrepreneurial endeavors, pla[...]

Announcing: 2016-2017 Values & Capitalism Young Scholars

Values & Capitalism is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2016-2017 Young Scholar Awards. We received a host of impressive research proposals from talented students across the country. From among those applications the following students were selected to receive a $5,000 scholarship. During the 2016-2017 school year, each Young Scholar will conduct or[...]