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Announcing: 2019-2020 Values & Capitalism Young Scholars

AEI’s Values & Capitalism initiative is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019–2020 V&C Young Scholar Awards. This year we received impressive applicants from schools across the country on topics ranging from public policy, economics, law, and political theory. We selected six undergraduates who will pursue rigorous, original research over th[...]

Education of the Self or the World: The Crisis of College Campuses

In recent years, college campuses across the country have been concentrated arenas of polarization in a deeply polarized country. They functionally reveal society as a microcosm, and the trends are troubling, especially their implications for the education system. From the violent protests of controversial speakers on campus to the less visible push for ideo[...]

How Should a Christian Approach War, Peace, and World Order?

As a college student interested in foreign policy and grand strategy, I applied for the AEI Values & Capitalism Summer Honors Program searching for ways to incorporate my Christian faith into my approach to international relations and armed conflict. While I left with still more questions than answers, I gained valuable insight into how Christians throughout[...]

The Complexity of Markets

In our current polarized political environment, it is easy to paint in black and white and pit staunchly liberal and conservative viewpoints in direct opposition of each other on a number of issues.The question of free markets is no different.It is easy for our categorical minds to identify only two options: a completely free market versus a government-regul[...]

Values, Faith, and Corruption

It is impossible to talk about international economic development without raising the issue of corruption. Corruption has been the primary source of so many ills in the world that even a short list could not scratch the surface of corruption’s full destructive power.

Character & Courage in the 21st Century

    In a world of constant noise, true character may be fleeting. Politicians and leaders on both the left and right have failed the litmus test of proper character, and we increasingly find ourselves trusting these individuals less and less. With our current social climate,  the question must be presented: is it possible to maintain a sense of character and[...]


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