Values & Capitalism is an initiative at the American Enterprise Institute that seeks to advance the case for the morality of democratic capitalism on campus, with a goal of reaching a significant number of Christian college students.  The articles, books, online material, and other publications and events emphasize how the free enterprise system not only creates material wealth but also encourages the virtues of industriousness, charity, and community engagement. We enlist AEI’s scholars and our growing faculty network to engage Christian students in a discussion about the compatibility of their faith and free enterprise.

This site hosts a blog, creates videos, and holds events and debates about current events, public policy and other economic and cultural topics. Bloggers from within AEI and a network of freelance writers engage newsworthy topics, book reviews, and other important issues that are compatible with our overall mission.

We also partner with a group of “Academic Allies”—faculty members at Christian colleges across the country who share our convictions about the value of faith and free enterprise. We provide classroom resources for these members, as well as a forum for discussion about faith, politics, economics, and more.

A major component of the project is a series of primers, or “mini-books,” on public policy issues, written for a college audience. Our “mini-book” topics include the morality of capitalismenvironmental policyenergy policytradesocial securitytax policybusiness cycles and financial crisesAmerican exceptionalismchanging family structure, entrepreneurialism and poverty relief. AEI scholars also speak regularly about these topics at colleges and universities around the country.

Our goal is to open the minds and hearts of Christian college students to the morality of free enterprise, and the ways that our values should influence views about the public policy issues that will shape our future. We hope you’ll join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and get involved by joining an AEI Executive Council on your campus, or submitting a blog post. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions!


Academic Allies